Product Feature: Clutch Masters

Circa 2004, a much skinnier Shawn owned a beloved 92 Civic EG hatch. It was a quick little car and packed a built "all motor" B18 (LS) engine. My girlfriend Whitney, now awesome wife, would tell me to "drop that b*tch in second". As you can imagine, my factory clutch would slip a lot. I... Continue Reading →

Product Feature: EBC Brakes

Long before I was a "car guy", I was a "motorcycle guy".  I worked at multiple motorcycle shops, but no matter what shop I worked at, EBC Brakes was something that was stocked and we always stocked a lot of them. When I was 18, and slinging parts, I didn't know much about EBC's racing... Continue Reading →

Feature: Sabelt America

I'm excited to announce my partnership with Sabelt America / Carello Group! Sabelt is exactly 3 hours from my house to their US headquarters in Boca Raton Fl. I wanted to trailer the Z down to test fit a seat, so I loaded up the Z and headed south on a foggy Saturday morning. Three... Continue Reading →

Product Feature: CSF Radiators

I'm proud to announce my partnership with CSF in 2018! Ravi and the whole crew at CSF have been very welcoming. I wouldn't trust any other brand to keep the temperatures in check in the Z, especially with the brutal conditions of Pikes Peak and time attack. Ravi (Owner and Director of the High Performance... Continue Reading →

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