“SEMA Crunch” Part 1.

In the last update, I was in full on crunch mode for SEMA. Here is a look back at a few jobs that were on the ol’ to-do list.

For years, mainly for mock-up, I was running BC Racing BR series coil-overs on the car. The guys over at BC Racing pulled out all the stops to get a proper coil-over set up on the Z. We went with a custom ZR (3 way) coil-over. I’m really excited to put them to work!DSC03775DSC03776DSC03777

On the aero side of the Z, I was really putting in a lot of hours to get the exact look I had envisioned from the beginning. As you can see, I fabricated my own fenders, air dam, hood, and fender vents. This was a HUGE undertaking in a short period of time. DSC03624DSC03626DSC03631

Unfortunately, I was really limited on time. So there is a bit of a gap in photos from the “plug” building process (above) and the carbon fiber part process (below).DSC03722

In parallel to the carbon fiber work, I invited my good buddy, Kyle Kuhnhausen @KCKUHNHAUSEN from Oregon, to help me out with some aero and ducting. I only had Kyle in town for a few days, and we really needed to hammer out the radiator intake and exhaust duct work. I had a blast working with Kyle.fullsizeoutput_ea

This should create a tremendous amount of down-force and a very efficient cooling for the CSF Radiator and Oil Cooler. Check out the surface area on the front splitter. DSC03731

With a ton of planning, I was able to achieve a full flat bottom on the car. This is a photo from early on, where I was working on the fender air ducting. tkX2ot2mQIevrzlWQtXgMgI learned very quickly that time attack cars make a great table. fullsizeoutput_ee

The aero escalated very quick from here. I think from the photo above I had 2 weeks before the car was loaded up in the trailer to head west.

I needed to get all of the aluminum aero painted black and the carbon fiber parts clear coated. I was buried in the paint booth for a solid week. It was really cool seeing the car transform into it’s final form, right before my eyes.Hyfa8WaRQ+CgBmNUQVmqKQ

I was really worried about assembling the car in my shop, mostly because there were parts everywhere. So I decided to take the car up the hanger that belongs to the owner of the company I work for. This location gave me plenty of room (to make a mess).IMG_8614.jpg

The last carbon job for me to make was the front carbon canards. I love the look but more importantly, the down force they will create. wNFGV1KVQb67695VgrGgKg

It feels like I have had the image of what the car looked like burned into my head for forever.  It was a real relief to see it all come together. I had a vision of the livery (graphics) having an orange chrome, brushed silver, and black color scheme. I reached out to AW Stickers and they knocked it out of the park (in really short notice). 56202457160__E8D35B24-FECC-4307-A5E4-4B7D90F7B913 I must have stared at the car for hours that night. I slept on the layout and came in the next day and applied all 72 decals.E+5IGoxwStOUKJP9DlKBZQ

My hands were beat from applying all the decals, but I loved the end result. iib9vf2WSWeizKDgpxKPWg.jpg

Keep an eye out for “SEMA Crunch” Part 2.

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