JagTen Tools. Heat Management done right!

The internet is full of DIY. Most of it is DIW (do it wrong) especially when it comes to proper heat management, which is crucial on track and race cars.  With the help of my good friends over at JAGTEN Tools, I want to show you guys a few tips .


JAGTEN Tools carries the Insultherm Wrap. This stuff is the best in business. They also carry the Volcano wrap (good up to 1,500 degrees) and Silica SI wrap (good up to 2,000 degrees). I opted for the 2″ Silica SI wrap. 1 Roll is enough for a long tube 4 cylinder header. For my V8 I grabbed 2.DSC02897

Header wrap is really great for heat management under the hood. When wrapped properly, it can create power and drastically reduce temperatures. The more header wrap the better right? Well, that’s not necessarily true, and it is also a common mistake.DSC02902

The general rule of thumb is 1/4 overlap. So if you’re using 2″ wide wrap you want approximately 1/2″ overlap. If you overlap too much you will hold too much heat in the header, and that’s where you will develop a crack.DSC02901

When wrapping, be sure to keep the wrap tight and take your time. You can always start over. My other suggestions are to wear latex gloves, and have a clean working area.

Old school fiberglass wraps are stiff and need to be damp/wet. There is no need for that with the Silica SI or Volcano wrap.DSC02917

Header wrap is great for well… headers, turbos, and pretty much any exhaust application.  While not the purpose, I have seen people wrap their intake piping.  The problem with this is that it actually hurts performance as it insulates the heat and will raise intake temps. No worries though, JagTen Tools has you covered.

Developed by NASA, gold foil is a standard for racing or high temp applications. Like header wrap being used on intake piping, this reflective material is misused quite a bit. You want to apply it on surfaces that you want to stay cool. I’ve seen people wrap their exhaust with it (I know right…).

An intake or turbo charge piping is a great place to free up some horse power. I decided to wrap my intake, where I will see direct horsepower results.DSC02771DSC02772

Another great place for gold foil material is the firewall. My big V8 is pretty close to the firewall, and will surely raise the interior temperature. Applying gold foil to the firewall will drastically lower the interior temperature. Not to mention, it looks pretty cool.DSC03498

Pro tip: Do not apply oil foil on the interior of the car or on hot items. There is no heat to reflect.

Not all gold foils are created equal. So what separates the “good stuff” that Jagten Tools sells? Adhesive. The eBay special gold foil may be able to handle 750 degrees, but the adhesive backing can not. Don’t waste your time and money. You’re going to spend a good amount of time applying the wrap, and the last thing you want is to see is it peel off over time. Make sure you get quality material from JagTen found hereDSC03501

JagTen carries a full line of heat management solutions. Whether you are looking for Header Wrap, Gold Foil, Fire Flex Hose, or Thermosheild, be sure to check out JagTen Tools or shoot Joe an email.


Website: www.Jag10tools.com

Instagram: @Jag10tools

Facebook: @Jag10tools

Email: Joe@Jag10tools.com

Phone: 805-204-0950


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