Shop Tour: BC Forged North America

I’m ecstatic to announce my partnership with BC Forged North America! As you are probably well aware, BC Forged is the leader in custom wheels.

Chapter 1: Field trip.

The US headquarters is somewhat local to me, so I decided to play hooky from work and make a visit. I poured myself a cup of coffee, and hit the road in my 500HP SRT8 Jeep Cherokee. DSC02800

A little under an hour later, I took the Ormond Beach (just north of Daytona) exit.fullsizeoutput_84

I pulled into an industrial park and found myself at the BC Forged NA headquarters.DSC02814

Once I stepped into the shop, I was instantly greeted by Jonathan. It was really great to put a face to an email. After some serious car and wheel nerding out, Jonathan showed me around the shop. I decided to snap some photos along the way.DSC02821DSC02816

The guys do a fantastic job photographing their wheels, that being said I was truly surprised how beautiful these wheels are in person. They ooze style and quality.DSC02817DSC02828

I was also surprised by the wheels that were not on my radar, but ended up being killer in person. BC Forged has a awesome wheel line up.DSC02835

BC Forged may sound familiar to you, because they do have a sister company, BC Racing Custom Coilovers. Together they really are a perfect combo.DSC02831

One feature that really separates BC Forged from the rest of the herd, is their standard wheel finishing options. They offer several matte finishes, solid colors, and my personal favorite, brushed translucent colors. Most companies charge and arm and a leg for these types of finishes. All BC Forged wheels are custom made and these finishes are very affordable.DSC02824

My favorite wheel in the BC Forged line up is the RS43. DSC02820

I couldn’t help but get attached to the brushed Crystal Orange color. Perhaps my favorites will leave you with a little hint.DSC02827

Chapter 2: A monster lurks.

Next we moved on to the warehouse. BC Forged does stock a few popular fitments, but the majority of the wheels sold are custom made. There was also a commanding presence in the warehouse…DSC02837

Don’t mind this insanely clean GTR on BC Forged wheels. The stance and fitment was perfect.DSC02843DSC02840DSC02839

There were also plenty of Toyo Tires in stock.DSC02845

They also conveniently have state of the art tire mounting and balancing equipment.DSC02849

BC Forged even has your lug nuts covered.DSC02854

Chapter 3: Custom made just for you.

“So how are the wheels made?” Thats the obvious question right? This is the North American headquarters location. The wheels are made offsite. After talking to Jonathan and Dan, it was clear that I’m talking to guys that really know their stuff with a lot of custom wheel experience.  They were very well versed on the manufacturing side of things. BC Forged is one of the very few wheel manufactures that actually forge their own wheels in house. It’s a pretty impressive process.

First they cut huge 6061 Aluminum blanks.BCF-MAN-1RS1600WM_previewBCF-MAN-43RS1600WM_preview

Next, the aluminum blank is placed in the 8,000 ton press. They introduce a lot of heat and press it into the dies. This process yields the strongest wheel possible.BCF-MAN-116RS1600WM_previewBCF-MAN-117RS1600WM_preview

A robot then removes the forging and sets it into a machine were it is “flow formed”. This process is kind of mind blowing. In goes a forged disc and out comes something that looks like a wheel.BCF-MAN-112RS1600WM_previewBCF-MAN-36RS1600WM_preview

Now it’s off to heat treating.BCF-MAN-41RS1600WM_preview

The next step is the machining process on a 3 or 4 axis CNC.BCF-MAN-76RS1600WM_previewBCF-MAN-69RS1600WM_preview.jpeg

Now that they are machined, there will be a deburring and clean up operation.  These are an absolute work of art in such a raw state.BCF-MAN-71RS1600WM_previewBCF-MAN-87RS1600WM_preview.jpeg

Everything at BC Forged is all done in house. It’s off to powder coating and final assembly. 7U8A4822RS1600WMBCF-MAN-95RS1600WM_preview.jpeg7U8A0163RS1600WM


The final step is assembly, followed up with meticulous quality control. BC Forged’s facility is JWL and VIA certified (the standard for wheel testing). They have all of the equipment (in house) and digital stress testing to ensure the safest and strongest wheels possible.BCF-MAN-104RS1600WM_preview

The concierge service that BC Forged North America is known for is second to none. They are passionate about wheels and make buying custom wheels a truly personalized experience.7U8A0014RS1600WM7U8A2770RS1600WM

Want to get started on a custom set of wheels for your ride? Be sure to contact Jonathan or Dan and tell em’ Shawn sent ya!




Phone: 1-(386) 8720-3544

Instagram: @BCforgedna

Facebook: @BCforgedna

Address: BC Forged North America
100 Business Center Drive
Suite 8
Ormond Beach, FL 32174





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