Making moves in May.

May was a strong month for the build. I got a lot finished on the car so I’m going to hop around on the projects that I finished.

The rear of the car, from a mechanical aspect, is pretty much there and buttoned up. I installed my LSD 240SX differential. Check out that extended cover I fabricated a couple years back. All that’s left is to add fluid.DSC02698.JPGDSC02706

While I was at it, I installed new CV axles and new Nissan hardware.DSC02699DSC02721

I’m really happy with the rear set up. Everything works well with each other. SPL Parts suspension and BC Racing coilovers makes for a perfect combo.DSC02724

Then I moved my attention to the front of the car. I have been using an old junk yard 240SX steering rack so it was time to replace it with a new one.DSC02702

It was a pretty easy install. I did swap over my beefy Tien inner tie rods and Parts Shop Max solid rack bushings.fullsizeoutput_7e

Once I had the motor in the car for good (fingers crossed), I needed to sort out some plumbing. I fabricated an expansion tank and then I had it powder coated. I finished it off with a limited edition titanium cap from my good friends over at CSF Radiators.DSC02768

One of the bigger composite projects, besides the wing, was finishing my carbon fiber doors. They came out really nice. With hardware and hinges, each door weighed in at 11lbs. A majority of that weight was hinges and hardware. That’s some serious weight savings over the factory door set up that weighs in at 49lbs.DSC02866

The Sabelt pull straps are a perfect touch. DSC02893DSC02882DSC02881

You may have noticed the lack of door handles. I used an old drag car trick where I made a lever on the top of the door. You can open the car from the inside or outside of the car. It’s a very simple and effective set up.DSC02775DSC02776

I also picked up a set of carbon fiber APR F1 mirrors. They look the part and offer good visibility.DSC02865

Next on the list was plumbing my CSF Oil Cooler. Having the right tools made this job a breeze. I added some fire sleeve to the -10 AN hoses for added safety. DSC02890

While I was installing my oil cooler lines, I finished up my steering column.DSC02773

The last task for May was the wing. I’m really happy with how it came out. I’ll get more into the details on the final installment of “Let me be your wingman” Part 4.DSC02867.JPG

Well that’s all I have on this update. Now it’s back to work on the Z!

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