Pure InZanity

I typically reserve AttackingTheClock.com for my Z build updates and a platform to feature my sponsors. That being said, this will most likely be the first and last time I feature someone else’s car. I’m just compelled to share this build. So, what makes this a special occasion? Well, let me give you a little back story first. A couple of years ago I was searching for Z builds on Instagram to gather some personal inspiration. One that kept popping up was Kyle Kuhnhausen’s 1972 240Z build. I really dug the direction the car was going. It was really different from the cookie cutter Z’s out there. No disrespect to a tried and true look, but it seemed that Kyle was really wanting something different. He wanted to make a statement.Before 6.JPG

It was really fun to watch this build grow and also see Kyle’s fabrication skills grow. The most impressive fact is Kyle started this build when he was 22 (now 27). It just goes to show that a “kid” with the will to challenge himself to be a top builder, quite simply, can become one.


When building a car, inspiration is typically drawn from other cars. It’s no secret, and I’m guilty of borrowing inspiration myself. It’s really hard to not appreciate someone else’s work. I’m sure Kyle would agree. That being said, Kyle’s inspiration was to build (in his eyes) a brutally powerful track car, analogue feel, yet mix in modern comforts and features, all while pushing his fabrication and design skills.

Photo Credit: Kendra Cates
Photo Credit: Derek Panter

Devil’s in the details.

One of the most impressive features on Kyle’s creation, is his attention to detail. It’s everywhere you look, and the more you look, the more custom bits you uncover. You’re looking at 1000’s of late night hours. Everything looks so methodically thought out.

Photo Credit: Kendra Cates
Photo Credit: Kendra Cates
Photo Credit: Derek Panter

No purest here.

It’s pretty controversial with Z cars. Do you stay pure to the Datsun roots and swap in the popular Nissan RB series engine or replace the tired L series engine for some America muscle? I don’t think Kyle ever second guessed himself with swapping in a LS1 and T56 combo. Plain and simple… It just works and it’s damn good. This set up provides an OEM like weight distribution, a sizable power increase, and reliability. Oh yeah, and the barky V8 is music to your ears. So far, the engine is pretty mild with plenty of room to make more power. Whether you’re a purest or not, you have to respect the execution.

Photo Credit: Kendra Cates
Photo Credit: Derek PanterEnter a caption

Bred for the track.

Although the Z is registered and has all of the features that you expect from a road going car, she was built for the track. To keep the handling and power in check, you will find a set of custom CCW forged wheels and meaty Kumho tires. Of course, you can’t skip over the massive 6 piston Wilwood calipers up front and Wilwood calipers in the rear of the Z. A legitimate brake setup wouldn’t be complete without proper ducting. It’s a proper track set up.

Photo Credit: Kendra Cates
Photo Credit: Derek Panter
Photo Credit: Derek Panter

The Office.

The interior is where I personally think Kyle really flexed his personal style and fabrication skills. He started off with a serious and well thought out cage to tie the old chassis together. As you can see, he spent a good amount of time gusseting the cage to the original body. Kyle wasn’t interested in using the factory dash, so a custom aluminum one to Kyle’s specs was hand made. The detail is crazy, from the switch placement, to the  gauges. The fuel cell cover and door cards are real pieces of art. The interior is truly a special place.

Photo Credit: Kendra Cates
Photo Credit: Derek Panter
Photo Credit: Derek Panter

Pro Touring meets Japanese Muscle.

Kyle stuck to his muscle car roots on the exterior. He pays homage with his take on the iconic Datsun Racing graphics, but Kyle lets you know he bleeds red, white, and blue. The aero package has a refreshing vintage pro touring look that really works with the Z’s body lines. The 240Z looks like it owns the track, and I can assure you it will spend a lot of time there.

Photo Credit: Kendra Cates
Photo Credit: Derek Panter



Kyle’s vision may be different from yours. Kyles style may not be your taste. That being said, his creation commands respect, especially when you know it was built in his two car garage over a span of 4 and a half years. I can really relate to this. I know I make some unpopular decisions with my Z, but like Kyle, his vision of the perfect Z is unapologetic. The result is InZanity.


Photo Credit: Kendra Cates


Bonus Gallery

Photo Credit: Derek Panter
Photo Credit: Derek Panter
Photo Credit: Derek Panter
Photo Credit: Derek Panter

Photo Credit: Derek Panter

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