Shift’n gears!

I got a killer deal on a T56 transmission (99-02 Camaro) a couple years back. She was sitting in the back of a car shop covered in old parts. “I think she was recently rebuilt” was uttered, but for the $300 price tag I was willing to take the chance. I think the ol’ timer was just trying to make a sale.

Fast forward 2ish years and it was time to actually rebuild the transmission. I considered rebuilding it myself to save some money, but after doing some research, it wasn’t too much extra to have the pros over at Tick Performance rebuild it. They specialize in beefing up T56 transmissions. I told them what kind of power and type of racing I planed on doing and shipped her off.DSC02277.JPG

About a week later I got a call from the guys that they had the tranny apart, and I made a good call to have them rebuild it. “Shawn, was this in your car? The inside looked like it was sitting in a lake.” Once they got it all cleaned up, it received the royal Tick Performance treatment with upgraded Viper shift forks, and 2nd gear. Of course all new bearings, seals, and other witchcraft transmission parts.DSC02612.JPG

While I was at it, I decided to block off the speedometer, skip shift, and modify the reverse lock out. No electronics! I also decided to upgrade my bell housing hardware to ARP bolts since I was missing a few. While on an ARP bolt spree, I also ordered up ARP clutch and flywheel bolts.DSC02666

My good friends over at Clutch Masters hooked me up with this FX400 clutch, lightweight steel flywheel, and slave cylinder. Before I installed the clutch parts, I needed to make a few upgrades to my slave cylinder. The bleeder is in a pretty awkward spot and it would be sure to make a mess. I opted for the Tick performance remote bleeder, which allows you to bleed the clutch from under the hood.DSC02670

Since I’m running a custom pedal box, the factory pressures side fitting of the slave cylinder needed to be swapped out for an AN -4 fitting. Luckily Earls Plumbing makes an adapter. I also ordered up a 20″ Earls AN -4 line to connect the slave cylinder to my Wilwood clutch pedal assembly.DSC02671

Now that I collected all the parts I needed, it was time to pull the motor, install the clutch, and bolt on the transmission. DSC02664

I pressed in the new Clutch Master pilot bearing and bolted the Clutch Masters light weight flywheel on. All were secured with ARP bolts.DSC02667

Next was the Clutch masters FX400 pressure plate and 6 puck sprung disc.DSC02673

On the transmission side, I installed the slave cylinder. DSC02676

I called my good buddy Rich to lend me a hand on getting the engine and transmission back in the car. It went back together pretty easy.DSC02696.JPGfullsizeoutput_7cfullsizeoutput_7d

May was a really good month for the Z. This was one of the big projects on the May “to-do” list. I can’t wait to share all of the other projects I checked of the list.

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