Let me be your wing man. Part 4.

Well guys, we’re getting pretty close to wrapping up this project. In part 3, I finished the carbon fiber wing element. The next step is to mount it to the car. I’m basing the mounting off the below rendering of the car. I want it level with the roof line. This will keep the wing in “clean” air, and should be very efficient. Unknown-2 copy.jpeg

I strang the wing from the ceiling of my shop more or less where I wanted it.DSC02623DSC02622

I removed the wing and bolted both of the adjustable mounts to the wing.DSC02635

Next, I made cardboard templates to mount the wing to the chassis. Then I transferred them over to thicker Aluminum sheets I had laying around.DSC02626

Once I cut the two mounts out, I bolted them together and sanded the the edges on the belt sander to ensure they matched perfectly. You might be wondering if I plan to cut windows into the mounts. Although they look great cut out, it adds turbulence. Smooth mounts are more aerodynamic, so I will not be adding windows to the mounts. Once they are powder coated black, they won’t stand out so much.

The next step was bolting the wing to the mounts.DSC02638

On goes the wing element.DSC02656

Plenty of adjustment to dial in the wing.DSC02685

I was really happy with the fit and finish, so I moved on to the endplate. I designed a endplate out of cardboard to get the shape I was after. Then I made some thicker carbon fiber plates with some scrap material from the wing.DSC02661.JPG

It was as easy as tracing the cardboard to the carbon plate and cutting it out. Once I had them cut, I bolted them together and made sure they were the exact same dimensions.fullsizeoutput_7a

It’s an illusion. The track width is 70″ and the wing is 68″.fullsizeoutput_75

I’m really happy with the look, but more importantly with the function and adjustability. I need to add a gurney flap, correct hardware, clear coat the end plates, powder coat all of the aluminum parts, and then it’s wrap! I’ll cover those steps in part 5.fullsizeoutput_78

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