Shift’n gears!

I got a killer deal on a T56 transmission (99-02 Camaro) a couple years back. She was sitting in the back of a car shop covered in old parts. "I think she was recently rebuilt" was uttered, but for the $300 price tag I was willing to take the chance. I think the ol' timer... Continue Reading →

Let me be your wing man. Part 4.

Well guys, we're getting pretty close to wrapping up this project. In part 3, I finished the carbon fiber wing element. The next step is to mount it to the car. I'm basing the mounting off the below rendering of the car. I want it level with the roof line. This will keep the wing... Continue Reading →

Product Feature: Clutch Masters

Circa 2004, a much skinnier Shawn owned a beloved 92 Civic EG hatch. It was a quick little car and packed a built "all motor" B18 (LS) engine. My girlfriend Whitney, now awesome wife, would tell me to "drop that b*tch in second". As you can imagine, my factory clutch would slip a lot. I... Continue Reading →

Let me be your wing man. Part 3.

Get your long sleeve shirt and respirator out, it's about to get itchy and dusty. In Let me be your wing man part 2, I pulled the carbon fiber wing out of the vacuum bag. Now it's time to trim the wing and sand it down. You're going to need a Dremel type cutting tool... Continue Reading →

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