Product Feature: HPS Performance

I knew from the start that an off the shelf air intake and radiator hoses were not in the cards. I didn't want to source silicone elbows, aluminum elbows, clamps, and heater hoses from all over the place. I needed a reputable brand that stocked every bend and every size you could think of. Not... Continue Reading →

Let me be your wing man. Part 2.

In part 1 of "Let me be your wing man.", I went over the the foam construction, end plate mounts, and mounting plates. The next step is the carbon fiber process. I highly recommend doing this entire process with a test piece of your foam core. You won't need mounts and end plate mounts for... Continue Reading →

Chill out with CSF.

If I don't keep to my monthly "to do" lists, I would be all over the place with projects. I wanted to focus on the radiator, oil cooler, and core support in March. First on the list was to mount my CSF R1 Competition Radiator. If you follow time attack racing or road racing, you... Continue Reading →

Let me be your wing man. Part 1.

I've been debating building my own carbon fiber wing for a while now. I guess it boils down to that I'm not an aerospace engineer and it's a little intimidating. I've voiced that thought to several friends and I get a look back like "are your crazy". It's then followed up with "You can build... Continue Reading →

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