Product Feature: SPL Parts Suspension

About a year or so ago, I purchased a spherical bearing kit for the Z. I decided to run a 300ZX (Z32) rear knuckles for two reasons. Better braking options and they were made of aluminum. Both are a major upgrades from my 240SX based suspension. One issue of using knuckles with pressed in rubber bushings from the 90’s, is the rubber bushings are likely to be pretty worn . After a quick search on the web, I ran across a company called SPL Parts. I really didn’t know much about them. I spoke to a guy named Mike over there, and he put a spherical bearing kit together for me. This is a great kit as it keeps your suspension bind free.image7

Fast forward over a year later, I really wasn’t happy with the build quality of the aftermarket “Arm Kit” that I had on the car. It kept thinking, “Man, I’m going to race this thing up Pikes Peak. There is NO room for failure”. So the long and short of it was I just didn’t have confidence in my off brand arm kit.

I contacted the guys over at SPL Parts and spoke with Kevin, and I’m proud to have their support in 2018. They truly understand what is takes to make serious components. About 3 days later, my SPL Titanium Series Tension arms, Traction arms, Camber arms, and Toe arms showed up.DSC02231

U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! At my day job, I’m responsible for our operations. One of the projects I led, was to have a product (now many) machined and anodized. It would have been very easy to have our products manufactured overseas. It just didn’t feel right knowing I could have it manufactured here in the USA. You are able to have so much more oversight on quality control when manufacturing parts local. You can also source the best materials available. This same thought is shared at SPL Parts.DSC02204

I mean just look at them. Full CNC’ed 6061 billet aluminum, black anodized, titanium hardware, 4130 nickel plated adjuster, and FK rod end. What else can you ask for?DSC02209

I could only think of one more thing I could ask for… A billet aluminum bottle opener! Oh wait, I mean adjusting wrench.DSC02258.JPG

What’s an FK rod end and why should you care? Well it’s pretty simple. These FK rod ends are Teflon lined, working conditions from -65 degrees to 325 degrees, 3 piece construction, and made in Connecticut. Do you see the theme here? SPL Parts simply won’t skimp on build quality. DSC02217

The “other guys” on left. SPL Parts on Right.

The install was a breeze. The parts are machined so well. Nothing fought me, and I had all of the arms on in less than an hour. Of course I’ll need to get the car aligned, but I’ll handle that another day. DSC02243


The front was just as easy. These arms are serious.DSC02265.JPG

Want to learn more about what SPL Parts can do for your car? They make quality suspension solutions from Porsche 911’s, GTR’s, Corvette’s, BRZ, RX7, to a 240SX, and everything in between.

Trade up! “Shawn, I already have suspension arms for my car.” No worries! SPL has a really cool Trade Up Program where you send in your old SPL Parts arms and receive 40% off! “Well I only have these adjustable China made suspension arms”. Not a problem. Send them in and receive 25% off your SPL Parts order. This is such a great idea.

Go check out check out their website and be sure to follow them on their social medias.



Facebook: @splparts

Instagram: @splparts

Twitter: @splparts

YouTube: SPL Parts

Phone: (866) SPL-PART

Address: 3813 Hidden Hills Drive, Unit B-400, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

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