Product Feature: EBC Brakes

Long before I was a “car guy”, I was a “motorcycle guy”.  I worked at multiple motorcycle shops, but no matter what shop I worked at, EBC Brakes was something that was stocked and we always stocked a lot of them. When I was 18, and slinging parts, I didn’t know much about EBC’s racing heritage. I just knew they were the best, and everyone asked for them by name.

Once I got into road racing and supermoto, that same trust in EBC Brakes carried on. I’ll be completely honest, at the time I had no idea they made braking solutions for the automotive industry.IMG_5924[1].JPG

I started to get more into cars the older I got, especially race cars. I was pleasantly surprised to see the EBC logo that I knew and trusted on some of the race cars I was rooting for. So when it came time to outfit the Z, there was only one place to look. I’m proud to have EBC Brakes USA’s support for 2018!ebcbrakeslogo

If you have been following the build closely, you will probably notice that I’m running a Wilwood front caliper set up. I love how EBC not only makes your OEM calipers stop better, but they supply brakes pads for after market calipers too. I’m running their “Blue Stuff” Track compound in the front.DSC02082.JPG

The rear needed more attention. I have 2 sets of 300ZX rear calipers. One for normal braking and the other is for a hand brake. It’s a common mistake to run performance pads in the normal braking caliper and cheap auto parts store pads in the hand brake. In my case, I’ll rarely use the hand brake, but it’s important to not cross contaminate the rotor with 2 different compounds. So I’ll be running the “Blue Stuff” track compound in both sets.DSC02176.JPG

The calipers are going to need to clamp to something and the ole’ eBay special rear rotors that I was using for mock up wasn’t going to make the cut. I opted for the high performance EBC Blade Slot Design rotor. The rotor utilizes special curved slots to relieve hot gases, which helps to keep the brake system cooler.DSC02179.JPG

Their products are made in the UK and the USA, and that’s not something you see too often. It’s almost hard to believe that the amount of volume EBC does, they can keep production the UK and USA. Overseeing quality is very important to EBC, and it’s great to see that they keep it in house.


I was able to chat with Brendan Cashman of EBC Brakes USA.

Shawn: Hey Brendan. Thank you for your support on my Pike Peak / Time Attack 240Z. I’ve used EBC religiously in motorcycle racing. It feels right to have EBC on board with the car.

Brendan: I think you’ll quickly find out that we strive to bring the same legendary braking performance we’ve so passionately put into our motorcycle product to the automotive market. We’re happy to have you on board with the team and representing EBC Brakes at The Peak. The vehicle renderings look awesome and we’re looking forward to see the finished product.

Shawn: Brendan, how long have you been with EBC and what are your responsibilities at EBC USA?

Brendan: I’ve been with EBC Brakes going on eight years now. Six of those years my role has been Automotive Product Manager. My primary responsibilities are to keep the product moving and make sure business continues to boom. I also wear a few other hats including marketing, assisting with product development and launches, R&D, cataloging and pricing, etc.

Shawn: It seems that EBC has a strong hold in just about every market that stops something with wheels. Whether it be industrial, cycling, factory replacement, race cars, motorcycles, EBC has a stopping solution. So what separates EBC from your competitors?

Brendan: We’re one of a few companies who manufacture all friction components in-house. We have a sintered factory here in the USA and an organic materials factory in the UK. One point which separates us from other friction manufactures is that EBC strive to be a champion for the environment. EBC materials are ECO friendly with zero sulfides and no heavy metals such as antimony trisulfide, lead, copper, brass or ceramic fiber. We’ve made several improvements to pads which have remained rather bland over the years. We’ve added a patented Brake-In coating, chamfered the edges on 99% of pads to reduce squeal, introduced v slots in the pad for thermal expansion, use a new backing plate adhesion method, and we’re using a revolutionary new piston shim design which will come with all pads in the next few years.


Shawn: Dose EBC have any new products in the works?

Brendan: I was hoping you’d ask that question! Yes, EBC is very proud to announce the release of “Apollo” 4 and 6 pot calipers and new Balanced Brake Kits this Summer, 2018. We’re also releasing motorcycle and automotive brake lines. All this made in house at our world headquarters in Northampton, UK.

Shawn: Thats really exciting. I checked out the calipers and it’s impressive to say the least. Working at EBC has to have some sort of influence on you. I can only assume you are into cycling, motocross, or cars. Which one are you passionate about, or is it all the above?

Brendan: I’ve been passionate about the motorcycle and automotive industry as far back as I can remember, it would be hard to work in this position if the flame wasn’t there. Definitely all of the above.

Shawn: What would be a common misconception about brake pads?

Brendan: That one pad fits all.

Shawn: Brendan, I want to thank you and EBC USA once again for your support. I can’t wait to fly the EBC “flag” up Pikes Peak!

Brendan: Thank you Shawn!

So what’s stopping you from checking out what EBC Brakes has to offer for you? Whether it’s an OEM brake pad repacment like the Utilamax2, all the way to a full on race pad like their “Orange Stuff” brake pad with their BSD rotors, EBC Brakes has you covered!


Industries: Heavy Equipment, Automotive OEM Replacement, Cycling, On/Off Road Racing, Motorcycles, and more.


Webstore (USA): Shop EBC Brakes

Instagram: @EBCbrakesoffical

Facebook: @EBCbrakesoffical


Phone USA: (702) 826-2400

Address: EBC Brakes USA Inc. 6180 South Pearl Street Las Vegas Nevada 89120

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