Feature: Sabelt America

I’m excited to announce my partnership with Sabelt America / Carello Group! Sabelt is exactly 3 hours from my house to their US headquarters in Boca Raton Fl. I wanted to trailer the Z down to test fit a seat, so I loaded up the Z and headed south on a foggy Saturday morning.DSC02091

Three hours and 12.2MPG (ya gotta pay to play) later I arrived. Erik (part owner of Carello Group) met me out back and opened the bay door. Then I backed the trailer into the warehouse, and exchanged hellos with Erik and Andre. I was in awe of the shop, and they were busy firing off questions about the Z. While Erik was collecting the parts, I pulled out my Sony A6000 and started firing off photos of the warehouse. DSC02108



Once Erik pulled the parts, Andre and I wasted no time test fitting the Sabelt Taurus seat. I was a little worried it wasn’t going to fit with the head restraint feature, but it fit like a glove. If you own a Z, you know they are very small. Throw in a FIA spec cage and it gets really tight. I absolutely love the fitment, it honestly couldn’t fit any better. DSC02102

Sabelt has a lot of harness options so I’m glad I talked it over with they guys. I landed on their Hans friendly Silver Searies Enduro 5 point harness. It’s incredible how much adjustability and technology they have. Harnesses have come a long way…DSC02100


Sabelt has a solid selection of steering wheels. I had the Sabelt SW-465 steering wheel in mind. It was great to see and feel the wheel in person. Andre and I bolted the steering wheel to my Woodward quick release hub to confirm the fitment and comfort. DSC02096

Then I followed the guys into their showroom. While Erik was getting my paperwork together, I couldn’t resist snapping some photos. They have a really nice showroom with all kinds of great memorabilia and products. It’s a must visit if you’re in South Florida. DSC02118





I couldn’t help but ask the guys “what is that?!?!”. Erik smiled and said it makes tea and coffee. There was so many interracial parts. The turbine spins while its brewing. DSC02115.JPG

Then he showed me this espresso machine. 29+ CNC’ed billet aluminum parts, carbon fiber base, and CNC’ed aluminum cups. Too cool!DSC02112


Billet throttle body “shot glasses” any one?DSC02133

Erik had to reign me back in as I nerded out on all of the machined parts. I wasn’t ready for a driving suit, but they suggested that I get fitted for a suit and try on some shoes and gloves. It was pretty cool playing race car driver. These guys really know their Sabelt products. This is the customer service you would expect from a premium brand.DSC02131



A couple weeks ago, Erik was telling me that they (Sabelt America) sponsored a Porsche Cayman GT4 in the IMSA Sports Car Challenge at the Rolex 24 hours that took place a few weeks prior. Team RS1, supported by Sablet, went on to take the win! Erik wanted to buy the hood off the car, but as you can imagine, the factory Porsche carbon fiber hood is VERY expensive to replace. So that got my wheels turning. I decided to make a mini carbon fiber replica hood that he could have the drivers sign. I fully expect to see it hanging on the wall on my next visit!

Andre on left and Erik on right.
Photo courtesy of Sabelt America.



No mater if your racing Forumla 1, Nascar, club racing, track days, to OEM performance, Sabelt America / Carallo Group has an affordable solution. Be sure to follow them on their social media sites and find their contact information below.

Website: www.sabeltamerica.com

Instagram: @SabeltAmerica     @Carello_group

Facebook: @SabeltAmerica      @CarellogroupUSA

Email: Info@CarelloGroup.com

Phone: 561-262-2876 (ERIK)     941-914-3340 (ANDRE)

Address: 1080 S. Rodgers Circle Boca Raton, Fl. 33487

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