Product Feature: CSF Radiators

I’m proud to announce my partnership with CSF in 2018! Ravi and the whole crew at CSF have been very welcoming. I wouldn’t trust any other brand to keep the temperatures in check in the Z, especially with the brutal conditions of Pikes Peak and time attack.Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 2.52.49 PM.png

Ravi (Owner and Director of the High Performance Division), suggested that I run their new R1 Competition Radiator and their universal Dual-Pass Oil Cooler.DSC02069.JPG

The R1 Competition radiator has some pretty killer bells and whistles that are perfect for any motorsports application. It has a triple bypass design, “B-Tube” technology, tig welded aluminum, and -AN fittings, just to name a few features.DSC02074.JPGDSC02070.JPG

I want to take a second to talk about their “Show Stopper Mirror Finish”. In the past, I’ve had the opportunity to work with another big name radiator manufacturer. It’s industry standard to polish end-tanks on aluminum fabricated  radiators and it’s clear CSF goes above and beyond the competition. To be completely honest, the polishing job was the biggest thing that caught my eye. It’s not something they did special for me, this is just how they come. The finish CFS produces is very impressive.DSC02080.JPG

I had the chance to chat with Ravi Dolwani about CSF.

Shawn: Hello Ravi. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk about CSF. I’m excited to partner with CSF on my Pikes Peak car.

Ravi: Hey Shawn.. No problem, we’re really looking forward to working with you and your awesome 240Z time attack project!!

Shawn: We all know CSF has been around for over 50+ years dominating the OEM and performance world, but how long have you been with CSF? What’s your background?

Ravi: I’m actually the 4th generation owner of the company so basically been involved my whole life, lol – I’ve been full-time with CSF since I graduated college. So about 12 years now. I’m the director of high performance as well as handle all of our international & export sales.

Shawn: I know you pioneered the performance division at CSF, was it challenging to take a company that primarily lived in the replacement/OEM world into manufacturing legitimate performance products?

Ravi: Super challenging.. No one really knew us in high performance, and it was a long road for high performance shops and users to understand what CSF is all about, our quality, technology, service, etc.. And then for them to actually use the product, then develop trust with the brand, and then for the word to spread. It took about 4+ years to get off the ground and for the high performance brand to get some momentum and establish a good reputation in the industry.

Shawn: What was the first flagship performance product?

Ravi: Nissan 370Z / Infiniti G37 – it was the 1st time we had developed an industry 1st product before anyone else. It’s been a great success for us. Nissan North America actually used one of these in their project 370Z social media project vehicle. I even got the opportunity to speak about CSF and this specific product at the Z Nationals dinner reception in front of all the attendees. 

Shawn: A decade ago I didn’t see much from CSF, but I feel like you guys are strong contenders in motorsports these days. I see CSF logos on Formula Drift, Time Attack, Baja, road racing, rally, and Moto GP. What do you think are the main factors that play into the success that you have had?

Ravi: It’s really all about networking and having the right R&D + motorsports partners. You get a couple of high-profile users to work with the brand and use the product. If they have success with the product, and they’re winning, over time the product starts to catch on.. We had good successes working with drivers who ended up becoming champions in their respective series. That’s a home-run for us because the guys who are winning are using and trusting CSF..

Shawn: What separates CSF from the other “me too” performance cooling companies?

Ravi: There are a lot of competitive advantage that only CSF has, but I think it’s the sum of all of these put together that really separates us from everyone else.. With CSF you’re getting the quality, technology, reliability, testing, motorsports development feedback and trust + the service to complete the loop. I don’t think any other cooling brand can offer the complete package like CSF can.

Shawn: This really isn’t a question, but I’m really impressed with the quality of the R1 Competition Radiator. The polishing and welding work is top notch. Even the CSF stencil to paint the logo on is crisp. The products really are second to none.

Ravi: : Thanks Shawn. I appreciate the feedback. The “R1 Competition Radiator’ is one of our flagship models which a lot of professional motorsport teams use.. It’s not a huge seller for us, but it’s a product that gets a lot of attention from anyone who is lucky to get their hands on one.. We don’t make many of them.. However, the same quality and craftsmanship on this radiator can be found on all of our high performance models – they’re all built to the same  high standards.

Shawn: Well Ravi, Thanks again for taking time to talk to shop with me and I can’t wait to install my radiator and oil cooler!

Ravi: Really enjoyed doing this Shawn, and we can’t wait to see your 240Z build complete and on the track! Good luck this year!

I went with their motorsports universal fit radiator and oil cooler, but CSF makes products for Porsche GT3’s to Datsun 240Z’s and everything in between.

Photo Credit: Paddy McGrath – Speedhunters

Be sure to follow CSF on all of their social media platforms. Radiator’s have never looked this cool… See what I did there? More to come on my install.




Twitter: @CFSRACE 


Phone: (800) 827-1991

Address: 9560 Buffalo Ave #150 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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