Well, that escalated quickly… Part 1.


Since the chassis was ready for assembly, I decided to take a long weekend and really hammer down on the build. First up was to install the rear suspension. If you’re a new subscriber (you should subscribe), my suspension is based of a S13 (240SX). In goes the subframe, suspension arms, and fresh 10.9 hardware.fullsizeoutput_36.jpeg


The OEM steel subframe spacer washers are discontinued, so I had my good friend and fellow Z enthusiast help me out with a set of custom billet aluminum spacers. If you’re on instagram, you should check out the 240Z he’s building @Kckuhnusen. You won’t find any old bolts on my build, so I ordered up the correct Nissan subframe bolts.fullsizeoutput_35.jpeg

Next I installed the BC racing with Swift springs coilovers. Of course, all new 10.9 grade hardware.DSC01997.JPGDSC02012.JPG

Then I installed my rear brake set up. I’m running a GKtech dual caliper bracket with 2 Z32 (300ZX) calipers. I can’t wait to announce my new partnership. I’ll do a separate write up soon.DSC01960.JPG

I moved my attention to the front suspension. I installed my freshly powder coated and modified S13 front cross member. Then I slipped on the front set of BC Racing coilovers with all new hardware. The next thing I knew, the front suspension was on.DSC01971


While I had the front wheels off, I installed my Wildwood front rotors and caliper. I have some more work to do here, but I’ll cover that in the future.DSC01962.JPG

The second I slipped my Enkie RS05RR wheels over the APR extended studs, I fell back in love with them. In case you missed my The Wheel Fiasco. post, I’m running 18X9.5 semi concave in the front with 295 Pirelli slicks and 18X11 super concave in the rear with 305 Pirelli slicks. Besides the NT03RR, the RS05RR wheels are my favorite. DSC02021.JPG



It’s been over 9 months since the Z sat on it’s own wheels and suspension, and man does she look good!

The next morning I came out to the shop determined to get the motor in the chassis. I’ll be shipping out the T56 transmission soon for a rebuild, so I left it off the motor for now. With the motor installed, it will allow me to keep progressing. I couldn’t be more happy with the motor placement and fitment. The firewall was pushed back about 1.5″ to ensure the motor is as far back as possible.DSC02025.JPG


I didn’t stop there. Then I installed my Woodward collapsible steering column with quick release hub. While I was making the cockpit comfortable, I installed my Wildwood pedal box. The pedal box is mostly for mock up right now, as I have some more work to do in this area.DSC02013



I’m sure you want to see more photos of the car on the ground. Stay tuned, I have part 2 on the way!





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