The road to assembly.

It's been quite the journey to get to the point where I can assemble the car. I have a few more tasks to take care of before I start bolting parts on the car for good. Powder coating the chassis added decades of protection. One thing paint and powder can't do is get in-between sheet metal... Continue Reading →

A new chapter starts.

The moment I saw the doors open to the powder coating oven, I got a little choked up. It's cool, no one saw. Before I show you what you came here to see, I need to show you the journey. Two weeks ago, I was talking to my long time powder coater. He is in... Continue Reading →

POWER!!!! Part 2

In January 2017, I introduced you guys to the power plant of the 240Z in my post Part 1. POWER!!!!. If you're new here, your guess is probably correct, I have jumped on the LSX band wagon. Before you get started on how cool a fully built L series (factory motor) would be, the pros... Continue Reading →

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