Last big push for 2017

It’s December 20th as I’m sitting down to write this post, and my December to-do list is almost complete. The goal was to get the chassis to the point where I could drop it off for powder coating January 1 (permitting my powder coaters schedule). You saw in my last post that I made a carbon fiber roof. I needed to build carbon fiber quarter panels as well.

The process was very much the same as building the roof so I’ll spare you all the details of building the carbon fiber panels. Once I had the panels built, I needed to remove the majority of the steel. I taped off the permitter and got to work with the cut off wheel.DSC01684.JPG

Not much left huh? You can see I left myself with bonding strip to later attach the carbon panels to.DSC01688.JPG



After I took the last photo, I decided I needed to trim more fat off the roof structure.fullsizeoutput_b


I tossed the incredibly light weight carbon panels on for these photos. They still need to be clear coated so I wiped them down with some wax grease remover so you get the effect.DSC01702.JPG



Check out that roof to rear quarter panel fitment. Once the panels are bonded, it will be hard to tell they are separate panels. DSC01696.JPG

There you have it! The next step for the carbon panels, is to be clear coated. That will be a job for January, while the chassis is being power coated.DSC01691

The Roof weighs 4.8lbs and the rear quarter panels weigh 1.8lbs a side (3.6lbs combined). I removed a total of 32lbs from the steel roof and rear quarter panels. Thats a weight savings of 23.6lbs. Now, consider that the doors, hood, fenders, hatch, and the aero package will be carbon fiber as-well. I’m pretty confident that the bodywork will weigh less than 100lbs total.

Check out the rendering of car.240Z Rear

I need to add a few tabs in the engine bay, nothing too exciting. Check that off the list.DSC01720

Using the OEM tail light bezels wasn’t an option. It never really fit well in the first place. Besides, I wanted something a little more race inspired. I’ll give credit where credit is due. When I first laid eyes on the Roadster Shop Rampage Camaro, I instantly fell in love with the tail light bezels. So I decided to put my spin on it.roadster-shop-1970-camaro-rampage-1614

The reason I needed to tackle this project now is for the mounting tabs. Once the chassis is powder coated, it would be difficult to add mounting tabs. I opted for a elongated honeycomb mesh. I bought some cheap wood to laser the pattern into. Once the pattern was cut, they were used to locate the mounting points/tabs. Later, I’ll have the mesh lasered out of aluminum.fullsizeoutput_a

Since the car will not have door windows, the car will be creating a “parachute effect”. To elevate air pressure, the center section will be open mesh for the air to flow through. I spray painted the wood black to get a better reference. I like the way it’s shaping up.fullsizeoutput_8

It’s going to look great with smoked tail light lenses and the contrast of my billet aluminum trim pieces.  fullsizeoutput_9


That about wraps it up for the chassis. It’s very strange to have everything checked of my to-do “Chassis” list. I’ll be scheduling a drop off date with my powder coater next. While I’m playing the waiting game, I’m wasting no time to get started on my engine build. Of course, I’m painting it Chevy Orange. DSC01718

4 thoughts on “Last big push for 2017

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  1. I’ve been keeping an eye on your build over the past year or so. It helps me keep inspiration on building My Z’s!
    Figured it was about time I chimed in and said well done! I love every aspect of where this car is going and how much work you put in to make it happen.

    Rooting for you from the below freezing Michigan!

    Liked by 1 person

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