Finishing 2017 off strong.

The next milestone is in sight. I’m really close, and I to need to make December count. So what’s the goal? The goal is to get the chassis off to powder coating by the end of the year. To do that I need to finish up some odds and ends. Remember, I have to plan for every little tab, hole, and bracket. Once the chassis is powder coated, you really don’t want to weld and cut on it.

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the rear of the car. The rear is really close to be being done. So I shifted my focus to the front of the Z. I stared off by capping the frame rails. I added two sets 1/2″ threaded bungs. The upper set is for a removable core support structure and the lower set is for a tow point, jack point, and splitter support bar.DSC01618

It’s necessity to have a core support that is easy and quick to remove. So I welded these handy tube camps on my starting points.DSC01621

Threaded tabs can get expensive. Especially when you use a lot throughout the car. I buy my “trick tabs” through Ballistic Fab. They are inexpensive.and well made. I just open the provided hole a little more and add a riv-nut.DSC01612

I needed to add some tabs throughout the engine bay. Most of these tabs will be used to secure carbon fiber panels in place. The carbon panels will be part of the aero package and keep the engine bay clean.DSC01617


The hood will be held down with 2 sets of Aero Catch latches. No hinges here.DSC01622

Now that I took care of the projects on the front of the car, I needed to head back to the rear of the car. The ATL fuel cell came with a fuel filler located on top of the cell. I wasn’t crazy about filling the fuel cell inside the car, especially when I would have to remove the rear hatch and have a massive wing in the way. I decided awhile back that I would have the filler cap protrude through the hatch. It will make fill up’s quick and easy. DSC01614

It was time to bust out the tig welder and weld the 2.25″ aluminum 45 degree elbow to the billet aluminum filler cap. I opted for the clear ATL elbow to keep a close eye on fill up’s. Of course the fancy t-bolt camps I ordered were a hair too small. I’m really happy with this little filler neck project. Just a few more finishing touches.DSC01637

The next big job I have to do on the Z before powder coating is cutting the roof and rear quarter panels off. I’ll be replacing them with custom carbon fiber panels. In order to make carbon fiber parts off the car, I need the panels to be nice and straight. The 45 year old panels are far from dent free. If you look back in older posts, you really can see how bad the body was.

The roof looked like a wrestling matched happened on top during a hail storm… It’s bad to say the least. A few months back, I spent some time with with a body hammer and dolly to smooth it out the best I could. fullsizeoutput_3


I added body filler to smooth it out. These are just early stages. As you can imagine, I have hours of sanding ahead of me.fullsizeoutput_1

Unfortunately the rear quarters were pretty beat as well. I’ve put in a lot of work to get to this point. fullsizeoutput_4DSC01627DSC01626DSC01635

The next time you’ll see the Z, the panels will be smooth and blended, ready to to make carbon fiber panels off of. I’m really excited to flex my composite skills for you guys. Here’s to dropping the hammer in December.

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