September slipped away…

I was on a roll. August was a very productive month. Then a “little” storm out in the Atlantic threw a wrench in my operation. I’m sure you heard a thing or two about IRMA. The first week in September was spent on prepping our home and shop for a direct CAT 2 hurricane. Since the storm passed I have had about 3 weeks of clean up. Luckily for us we never lost power, and we didn’t have any damage to the house or shop. I’m very thankful for that. Also…I’m the blue dot.image1

If you follow me on Instagram @Shawnb26 you may have noticed I sold my beloved pre-runner that I built. I had an absolute blast building and driving my little pre-runner for the past 3 years. However, I felt it was time for a new car with some more interior room, comfort features, and more importantly… HORSE POWER! So I put the truck up for sale and it actually sold pretty quick.image1

Beast Mode (as my wife called it) is the new horse in the stable… or was. I have been eye balling SRT8 Jeeps for a while now and found a good deal on a clean 2013, or so I thought. I bought it from a dealer that I’ve been buying cars from for quite some time. Issue after issue, and two plus months of the jeep being in and out of the shop, I had to return it. This is a much longer story, and as I type this I’m getting angry… Whoo Sahhh….

Darkness [Dahk-nis] (insert Dave Chappelle’s Rick James voice). After searching and searching, I finally found another SRT8 Jeep that checked all the boxes and more importantly, was in my price range. Everything was pretty much the same. Same year, mileage, etc. The only difference was this one is a “Vapor” edition. That’s fancy for it comes with a blacked out grill and badging.DSC01540




If you know me well, you know I can’t leave anything alone. Shorty after owning the bone stock 6.4L 470HP All Wheel Drive V8 SRT8 Grand Cherokee, I added 22″ wheels, I fabricated a custom exhaust, AFE intake, de-badged, window tint, blacked out the window trim, lowing springs and a few other odds and ends to feed my sickness. I have to say, I’ve owned (in my mind) some pretty cool cars and trucks over the years. This is by far my favorite one, and it’s an awesome daily driver. It was nice to work on a project and have some instant gratification. DSC01535





Back to the Z build.

My original Idea was to have the fuel filler in the area a license place would go between the taillights. After mocking it up, I didn’t like the angel because it placed the filler neck almost flat. I decided that placing the filler up higher was best. Obviously, the bracket needed to be super trick. DSC01523

I found a really cool and inexpensive billet aluminum fuel filler.DSC01525

I also wanted the filler to be accessible outside of the car. I needed to modify the OEM rear hatch anyways, so I did the reasonable thing and made a big hole. Don’t worry. This hatch is just for mock up. I’ll make a carbon fiber version later.DSC01529


Hopefully mother nature and the new Jeep will play ball in October. The Jeep is my current obtainable dream car. I want to hear about your dream car. Hit me up in the comments about your ride. As always, thanks for the read.


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  1. This thing is pretty sweet. I’m pretty close to you (Casselberry area) and want to do something like this…but MUCH more tame. More like a simple front end tube chassis tied to a cage and then drop a 351w and built auto. I know they are super wide and pretty heavy, but I would be street driving and drag racing it so I don’t mind that too much.


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