Checking August off.

Well, I’m wrapping up my August list, and I’m looking good. Most of the time my month’s “to do” lists are lofty. In August, I threw the hammer down. Here are a few jobs I checked of the list.

I needed to close off a few areas on the body. One of them being where the rocker panels meet the fire wall. I kept aerodynamics in mind, so that air could easily escape the wheel wells.DSC01418


It’s a little bit of nostalgia, but I wanted to incorporate the original 72 240Z vin. I do have a title and plate for the car. I doubt the car will see much street driving, but it’s nice to know I could “legally” drive it up to “Cars and Coffee”. DSC01512

I wanted to get stared on the tail lights of the car. Before I was able to get started, I needed to mount the rear hatch perfectly square. I’ll be making a carbon fiber hatch, but an old OEM hatch is perfect for mock up.

I started off with mounting tabs for my Quick Latches. These are pricey little guys, but it makes removing panels very easy. You simply press the button in the middle and they pop up. Each “mini” latch is rated to 150LBS of pulling force. They get bonus points for being made in America.DSC01514


For the rear of the hatch I went with Aero Catch pins. This was my first time buying these. They are very well made for how inexpensive they are. They work like a typical hood pin but they are more aerodynamic and spring loaded. DSC01506


The result is a very clean and aerodynamic install. I can pull off the hatch in less than 20 seconds. I’ll be building a carbon hatch with Lexan glass in the future, but you get the idea.DSC01508

As you can see in the above photo, I now have tail lights on the car! I’ve been purposely avoiding this area of the build. The rear of the car (what’s left of it) was all out of whack. The lights themselves are symmetrical, therefore everything around them has to be. This includes the quarter panel, tail light mounting panel, bezel, and hatch. If everything is not aligned properly it will be noticeable.

I started off making sure the quarter panels on both sides matched perfectly.DSC01482

I then fabricated a very tricky inner panel. DSC01486

Once I was happy with both sides I welded them in for good and blended the welds with a grinder. DSC01488



This was an incredible amount of work, and I’m very proud of this project. I’m currently designing a very cool machined bezel to cover the mounting areas on the tail lights. DSC01503

While I was working on the rear, I wanted to tackle a couple more jobs: a double shear tow strap mount and the mounts for a chassis mounted wing. I’ll have serious amount of down force, so the mounts need to be equally as serious.DSC01495

Well that’s a wrap for August! I cant wait to start checking projects off my September list! As always, thanks for the read and comments! Do you have a question on the build? If so. drop me a question in the comments are.

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