All gussied up.


Once the body of the original 240Z was preeminently welded to the tube chassis, I needed to make sure that the body wasn’t going to twist or give under hard cornering. Later I’ll be replacing the rear quarter panels and roof with carbon fiber panels, and I need to make sure what’s remaining of the body stays in place. I started adding gussets between the body and chassis. I’ll also show you a few tricks that I’ve picked up.

It’s important to tie in the A pillars (windshield area) and the the B pillars (rear of the door jamb), and the roof.

I started off with a tape method a fellow fabricator/friend showed me. Tape will contour a lot better than cardboard.  I taped off the areas I wanted to make a gusset.DSC01440


I then transferred the tape patterns to sheet metal. Once I had my pattern marked off, I used electric sheers to cut them out.IMG_4055

Something that really sets off a roll cage or tube chassis are dimple die gussets. The dies are kind of pricey, especially if you’re just a hobbyist like myself. You can get a lot of strength out of a very light weight panel. I picked up my set of dimple dies up from a small shop SRS Concepts Dimple Dies . Most importantly they look cool….DSC01520

I used hole saws on my drill press to make holes for my dimple dies. I wish I had a pneumatic hole punch, but this gets the job done.DSC01451

Next you’re going to need a small shop press, or big vice, to press the dies between the sheet metal. It’s that easy. Now I have the gussets “tacked” into place.DSC01448


Let’s weld them in for good.DSC01469


I hope you guys learned a little about dimple dies and how to use them. It’s a great way to make a light weight panel or gusset that’s very strong.  Don’t blink. I have a August update shortly. Thanks for the read!

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