September slipped away…

I was on a roll. August was a very productive month. Then a "little" storm out in the Atlantic threw a wrench in my operation. I'm sure you heard a thing or two about IRMA. The first week in September was spent on prepping our home and shop for a direct CAT 2 hurricane. Since... Continue Reading →

Checking August off.

Well, I'm wrapping up my August list, and I'm looking good. Most of the time my month's "to do" lists are lofty. In August, I threw the hammer down. Here are a few jobs I checked of the list. I needed to close off a few areas on the body. One of them being where... Continue Reading →

All gussied up.

-Gussets Once the body of the original 240Z was preeminently welded to the tube chassis, I needed to make sure that the body wasn't going to twist or give under hard cornering. Later I'll be replacing the rear quarter panels and roof with carbon fiber panels, and I need to make sure what's remaining of... Continue Reading →

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