The Eagle has landed.

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse when I say “I’m almost done with whats left of the original 72 240Z body”, but I finally am. The roof looked like a bar fight happen on it, then it went through a hail storm. The roof is smooth-er now with a lot of hammer and dolly work. I’ll let the body filler take care of the rest. At this point the body is ready to be permanently mounted to the tube chassis. DSC01222

Once I squared away the body, I needed to finish welding in the rear sheet metal.DSC01407



So there you have it, about 2 years of grinding everyday… I’ve been waiting for this milestone. It felt really good to lay down that first weld, forever mating the body to the chassis.DSC01420

I also finished up the front of the rocker panels. I needed clearance for the fender exit exhaust, and a smoother transition for trapped turbulent air to exit the fender well. One of the next sheet metal projects is to enclose the firewall/rocker/door jamb area. DSC01419

I then moved on to fully welding and blending the rear wheel tubs to the rear quarter panels. I’m really happy with how they turned out.DSC01413

I gave the body a good sanding. It really exposed all of the repairs I’ve made, and 43 years worth of battle scars. Eventually the rear quarters and roof will be replaced with carbon fiber panels.DSC01415



I’m feeling accomplished. This is a pretty big deal for me. Years of fabricating all adds up to this point. I’m going to keep this momentum up. Next I’ll be working on enclosing more of the firewall area, A/B pillar gussets, and odds and ends. Thanks for the read.


4 thoughts on “The Eagle has landed.

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  1. Dude, just found your build on Instagram and read through the whole blog in one go! Absolutely amazing! Your fab work is incredible and the thought you’ve put into the build is really inspiring!
    Keep up the awesome work!


  2. I started following in Instagram a while back. Just now got to reading the blog. There’s a lot of great info on here. I’m looking forward to the next steps. I need to work up the courage to get into cutting up my Z. Luckily it isn’t as rusty as yours.


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