Checking May off the list.

Its been a little over a month since my last post, but I can assure you I’ve been hard at work on the Z. I’ve also been finding it hard to write a post as I’ve been jumping all over the place on mini projects. I’m finding that the “milestone” moments are “few and far between” and my build list looks more like a honey-do list.

Since finding out that my 5.3 GM motor was a newer generation 58X engine, I realized that I have to run a DBW (drive by wire) pedal. I see a lot of benefits to a DBW set up, the only issue is my Wilwood Pedal Box is set up for drive by cable. I purchased a 2016 Corvette pedal to see what I was getting myself into.


I then removed the plastic foot pedal and bracket, since all I really needed was the controler. IMG_4194.jpg

I then welded up a fancy aluminum mount, and added some dimple dies to strengthen up the mount.IMG_4191.jpg

There you have it. Pretty trick huh?IMG_4231.jpg

I mounted the pedals back to the floor of the car, and it just didn’t feel right because my toes were positioned in the middle of the pedals. I needed a little more height out of the floor for my heels to sit on. So I fabricated a little heel plate, and it worked out perfectly! IMG_4204.jpg

Another project I checked off the list was the hand brake mount. While I had the dimple dies out and my Everlast Tig set on AC, I whipped up a mount for my GK Tech hand brake mount.IMG_4196 (1).jpg


As you can see, I started my carbon fiber shifter and hand brake handles. I fabricated the aluminum parts by hand. IMG_4245.jpg

After I received them back from anodizing, I made quick work to install them on the carbon tubes.DSC00264.jpgDSC00262.jpgDSC00268.jpg

I’ve really been hammering down on the body, but it’s more of the same. Cut the ol’ crap out, and replace it with the good stuff.DSC00126.jpgDSC00128.jpg

It’s EVERYWHERE!!!!!DSC00123.jpgDSC00132.jpg

I started fitting the doors for a few reasons.

  1.  I wanted to see if the body was still square after all the cutting and welding.
  2. Make sure the doors fit well so I can make moulds off of them to build carbon fiber doors.
  3. To finish where quarter panel meets the rocker panel.


I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As of right now I’m about 90% done with the body.  Later I will cut 90% of it back off…. I know right…. It will make more sense later on in the build.DSC00135.jpg

Next on my May list was to assemble my second set of rear calipers, which I had sent out to be powder coated. These will be dedicated to the hand brake. I made quick work of it and threw them on my GK Tech dual caliper mount.DSC00399.jpg

Another project on my May list was to add a jack point to the rear of the car. This is very common in Drifting. I’m not sure why it is not as common with road racing. It won’t interfere with the rear diffuser or aerodynamics. It will also be a great place for a tow strap.DSC00408.jpg

Here’s one for the road.DSC00403.jpg

On my next post, I get started on building my 400+hp all motor LS motor. I should also have the body finished up. I’ll keep the hammer down. I want to thank you guys for the read. As always if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

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