Earnest Co. Not your Dads Coveralls.

In early December of 2015 I was scrolling through Instagram as I often do (probably on the can or sitting in the shop) and stumbled across a post with some coveralls. At the time, I was really getting in the grove of welding a lot on the Z, and it was absolutely destroying my clothes. All of my shirts were littered with burn holes from my Mig welder (all you welders out there know what I’m talking about). So coveralls looked to be like a good alternative. I assumed I would have similar issues with burning little holes in the coveralls, but I was intrigued. I’d checked out their Instagram, @Earnestco, and gave them a follow (you should too).

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 1.14.40 PM.png

I’m thinking “cool”, flat track, fabrication, race cars, etc. These are my people, and I need to know more about their story. So I headed over to their site www.Earnestco.com, and read their About page. Basically, they saw that there wasn’t a quality set of coveralls on the market. Something that looked good, had a modern fit, and could take some serious abuse.  I loved their style and company vibe so I placed an order for a Hat, Tungsten welding gloves, a few shirts, and the Hardin OverallsIMG_3869.jpg

In the transit time, I read more on their overalls (in the US we call them coveralls). I knew the fit was modern, but realized they use a material called Duck Canvas. It’s spark resistant and comfortable. They integrated a bunch of features like padded pockets for your phone, no exposed metal to scratch your project, and a few other little tricks. So when my package showed up from New Zealand, I through my coveralls on with their Tungsten welding gloves and I put them straight to work.

Photo Credit: Kane Potter


What have I been doing with my life and where have these coveralls been?! I had been steadily using (beating) the Earnest Co coveralls and gloves for about a year. Anytime I’m in the shop they are on. Fast forward a year (December 2016) and I wanted to treat myself. I emailed Jole (who had done an amazing  job with their product line) and he told me they made a few changes to the coveralls and gloves. Even though my first set of coveralls and gloves were well used, they still worked great. I reordered another set of Tungsten gloves and Hardin overalls, and it’s nice having a spare set coveralls for friends who stop by and give me a hand. It’s also nice to have a set of gloves dedicated to general fabrication, and a set for welding.IMG_3866.jpgIMG_3867.jpgIMG_3875.jpg

They sew a “Take Pride” tag on their products, I love that. When I pick up my gloves, through my coveralls on, and see that little red “Take Pride” tag, it reminds me to do just that in my work. My hats off to Earnest Co. for making quality work wear that you actually want to wear. No matter if your welding or wrenching, do yourself a favor and check them out. Tell em’ Shawn sent ya.

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