Shop Tour: BC Forged North America

I'm ecstatic to announce my partnership with BC Forged North America! As you are probably well aware, BC Forged is the leader in custom wheels. Chapter 1: Field trip. The US headquarters is somewhat local to me, so I decided to play hooky from work and make a visit. I poured myself a cup of... Continue Reading →

Making moves in May.

May was a strong month for the build. I got a lot finished on the car so I'm going to hop around on the projects that I finished. The rear of the car, from a mechanical aspect, is pretty much there and buttoned up. I installed my LSD 240SX differential. Check out that extended cover... Continue Reading →

Pure InZanity

I typically reserve for my Z build updates and a platform to feature my sponsors. That being said, this will most likely be the first and last time I feature someone else’s car. I’m just compelled to share this build. So, what makes this a special occasion? Well, let me give you a little... Continue Reading →

Shift’n gears!

I got a killer deal on a T56 transmission (99-02 Camaro) a couple years back. She was sitting in the back of a car shop covered in old parts. "I think she was recently rebuilt" was uttered, but for the $300 price tag I was willing to take the chance. I think the ol' timer... Continue Reading →

Let me be your wing man. Part 4.

Well guys, we're getting pretty close to wrapping up this project. In part 3, I finished the carbon fiber wing element. The next step is to mount it to the car. I'm basing the mounting off the below rendering of the car. I want it level with the roof line. This will keep the wing... Continue Reading →

Product Feature: Clutch Masters

Circa 2004, a much skinnier Shawn owned a beloved 92 Civic EG hatch. It was a quick little car and packed a built "all motor" B18 (LS) engine. My girlfriend Whitney, now awesome wife, would tell me to "drop that b*tch in second". As you can imagine, my factory clutch would slip a lot. I... Continue Reading →

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